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As you're typing out/giving an answer, do you "know" it'll get picked as "best answer?"?

You know, you're typing an awesome answer (so you think) and you say to yourself, "self, that's gonna get me best answer---darn, I'm good." Thanks for the answers and see you on the other side. (Somebody asked me what the other side was, so I'll clarify---the "answer" side being this is the "ask" side is the other side).

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    I have to admit, a couple of times I've felt like finishing my answer with "Now, be done with it and give me best answer!" or something like that but, honestly, you never know. I've given TERRIFIC answers that were not chose as best answer and, other times, when I just answered for fun and thought I had no chance of winning "best answer," I was chosen by the asker.

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    I just try and answer to the best of my ability hoping that it's good enough to receive the 10 points. If not, so be it ;o)

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    If I dont get best answer I get pissed off and stalk the person that won over me and flag all their questions and answers. (not really)

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    I answer for fun and if I get "best answer" then it's just gravy.

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    Well you hope,but you don't know for sure.

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