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what does old pass open it now mean?

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    Without punctuation it's open to various guesses. Here's a quick one. It means old people can pass, so open it now.

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    Well, along the Emerald Coast of Florida, LOTS of cars have red bumper stickers that say: Old Pass - Open It Now.

    Some locals say it refers to the section of railroad that hasn't been open since hurricane Katrina.

    Others suggests it a road that was washed away and yet to be rebuilt since Hurricane Ivan.

    But, I'm not actually sure. But, it does have to do with this region of the state. Hope this helps ... somewhat.

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    You'll see this sticker all over Bay County. It references the original channel the connected the Gulf of Mexico to St. Andrews Bay, called the "Old Pass" In 1934, a new pass to the west was cut by the Army corps of engineers to allow better access for ship traffic to and from the Port of Panama City. The new pass included a jetty "large rocks" to act as a water break that keeps it from closing. The old pass naturally closed due to the reduction in tidal flow. Fisherman and locals have noted a decline in water quality and sea life in St. Andrews Bay, and are pushing for the Old Pass to be opened once again and lined with a jetty.

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    I'm sorry but I don't have a clue what you are talking about. Good luck.

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