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IMPORTANT CoMpUtEr QUESTION!!! did this get your ATTENTION!!!?

ok recently i wiped my hard drive and installed windows xp

but now i cannot connect to the internet because everythings gone and i have no idea what to do.

starting from scratch ( dumb it down the best way you can ) how do i create a connection to the internet with my new pc.

i also have a lynksys installer cd but its useless because you need an internet connection to set it up. im really bad with computers please help a brotha out

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    First of all, check that all your cables are properly connected and then install drivers( Xp will automatically install it if hardware is properly connected).

    Now do the following:

    1.Note down your username and password of your connection.If you dont have that , your ISP can help you out to get them.

    2. Click on start menu --> Network Connections.

    3.Now on the left hand side of Network Connections, there is an option called " Create a new connection ".Click it and a wizard will come up.Click next

    4.Now check the following options and click next:

    "Connect To Internet" -->next -->Setup connection Manually(or from a cd if you have)-->next--> Dial up or broadband(whatever you have)-->next-->enter ISP name, password and username.At last click finish and if all is fine, you can connect to internet!!!

    Hope this helps!


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    First of all, you have to install the Ethernet connection(LAN connection), you will find it with your motherboard CD(if the LAN card is build with motherboard), or with the LAN card(if you purchase the LAN card separately).

    After installing them, you might be able to connect with internet, otherwise talk to your ISP provider, only the know what is the ip address of your LAN card to access internet.

    i.e: on your network connection tab(control panel), you can find whether your LAN card is installed or not.

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    i can help you but i need more info

    you need to download your computer model ethernet driver

    for ex.

    my computer model is

    HP Pavillion a1610n

    and then i go to google and type that in but at the end i type in ethernet driver so its like this,

    get your computer model

    go to google and type in your computer model followed by a space and ethernet driver and search for it

    when you get the right one

    you install and go to where it says to go and then you have a valid ethernet connection and you can update all of your drivers by right clicking on your computer and click properties device manager and right click the yellow "?"'s and click update driver or soemthing like that

    and it will update everyhting you need :D

    i hope this helped

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    You need to install your ethernet drivers for your computer to get on the internet.

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    You will probably have to call your ISP to restore your internet or tell you how to do it.

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