When does one start counting? Before or after sex? (10 points)?

Do you start counting after you have had sex or before?

What is the rule when it comes to numebrs? Do people care about how many one has had sex with or how many one has "fooled around with" (for lack of a better term)?

Those who I have asked about this in person have told me that they only count those who they have had sex with. Those who they have just kissed or touched "don't really count".

What do you think?


Hannah, I disagree. I wish you were right...

People do keep count. People I know tend to either hide or flaunt their numbers (most girls hide it and most guys flaunt it)

One of my guy friends has slept with 15 girls and gone from relationship to relationship and he is ashamed because some girls don't want to date him when they find out.

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    i think we define what we should count as sex too vaguely. A *******, sadly, is considered sex and i would like to have them included in the number of people you have "been with". the likelihood of contracting a diesease is still out there even if it is just oral. It also gives a reasonable measure of how promiscuous the person has been and the probability that they were less than safe while having sex or whatever. Some STD's do not present themselves for months to even years so its is always a game of Russian roulette.

    I am male and i think it matters greately how many people my significant other has slept with and how many i have slept with. It matters on my conscience and where i see myself with this person. For women the number of partners they have been with (regarding vaginal intercourse) can have serious deleterious results later in life and for which the explanations are long and quite convoluted. I know more than most people because my area of study is physiology (although i do not appear erudite by how i am typing, but im responding quickly because i need to leave but i wanted to add my 2 cents). But anyway, it matters! I have been with my girlfriend for 2.5years and she is the onel i lost my virginity to but now i question my choices. She has been with as many as 16plus men and i continue to find exploits of her past that bothers me immensely!!!! She maintains she has changed, and to some extent i believe her, but it still leaves that doubt; and that doubt will always be there...sadly....had i known the full truth...i would probably still be a virgin because i think that is a higher level of connection, something special that you want to be able to say that you are the only one, or one of few that has made that connection with the one that you love dearest!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi Gemineye, Nice to hear from you again, well truth is, sex is sex and cuddling is just that, even if there is a bit on Sexual fondling as well. Problem with counting how many people you've done it with (I mean the sex) brings up a new question, at what point do you become common (a slut for girls and boys). In a previous answer I mentioned that I was married. Well my wife was my first, and since I have been unfaithful once, which she knows of and I am not so proud of. never the less, I could not see myself having multi partners, but that's just me. Hope this sheds some light . Nice chatting to you again.


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  • Anonymous
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    I think guys care about how many other guys a girl has been with, yeah. Well at least I do

    I can't speak for women but I don't think it's to the same extent

    I don't think kissing/foreplay is really sex

  • Anonymous
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    hmm personally I don't really want to know how many people someone has had sex with, the majority of the time people exaggerate it as well so the number they tell you isn't true, personally I don't want to know either it is none of my business. The same with public displays of affection, It's just a bit rude or indecent.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Concider this: Your g/f tells you she has only had sex with 1 other person in her life.

    The you think.."ok thats not bad at all"

    Later you find out shes only had sex with 1 guy but given 35 different men blowjobs.

    Your opinion of her has vastly changed..hasn't it?

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    there should be know reason to count.sex is something that should be shared between two people who love each other!

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    I think that there's really no reson to "count"


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