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thomas more and henry VIII?

who was he, what he wrote about, what his relationship to henry VIII was?

please and thanks =]

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    Enrique is right - you should take some time and read Utopia, it's a wonderful book.

    You can read some of it on these websites -

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    Sir Thomas More wrote Utopia.

    He also had a couple of run in's with Henry, one was his refusal to sign papers requesting the pope to annul Henry's marriage to catherine, another was his not attending a coronation for Anne Boleyn which eventually led to Henry trumping up charges against Sir Thomas. Take some time, read Utopia, its a beautiful book, and read the rest of what happened between Sir More and Henry, quite an interesting pair.

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    Thomas More was Henry V111's Chancellor of the Exchequer. Henry wanted Thomas to petition the Pope to have his marriage to Anne Boleyn annulled, because he wanted a son, and already had his eye on Jane Seymour. Thomas refused to do it, because he thought it was not the right thing to do. So Henry first threatened him, then locked him in the Tower of London, and then had him beheaded on the grounds of Treason. Subsequently, Henry declared himself the Head of the Church, had Anne beheaded and hot-footed it off to Jane.

    Thomas was a good and gentle man, who refused to be swayed by a powerful and headstrong man into doing things he didn't believe in.

    Source(s): I'm from England originally, though in Australia now, and had it all drilled into me from the time I went to school until I left University. Actually, I just loved it. Leah from Down Under
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