I want to make my sister's twins something that i can sew.?

My sister is having twins, and the theme is winnie the pooh and now that she lives in hawaii her theme is turtles. She wants me to make her something that i can sew but with turtle fabric. I need suggestions and also i need the patterns. She doesn't want the names cause she already has their names. her whole crib is turtles, they have a winnie the pooh stuff animal that is soft and has kinda like a towel that i gave them. there not due until nov thanksgiving, but she might be due anytime now. anything would help, websites also please thanks for all your answers.


pictures would be great o show me what kind of blanket that would sounds nice, but not to sure what that means,

Update 2:

I'm sorry that would be alot of help yes they are twin boys

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    you could make stuffed turtles for them and put rattles inside



    or you could make a patch work quilt with turtles on some of the squares and a turtle print back but that might take too much time if she is due in Nov

    Source(s): mom to 3yo twin boys. I made elephant quilts while on bedrest with denim squares and gingham elephants on the squares and now working on sock elephants
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    these are boys? Either way I love to make flannel swaddling blankets 40x40 just cut them out and serge the edge if all you have is a regular sewing machiene you could roll the edge. Then I always add a few little baby wash cloths I cut them about 8x8 sew right sides together 3 sides about 5/8 in around the outside then turn them right side out and tuck in the unfinished side top stitch them they are very cute and handy.

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    You can make taggy blankets for the babies! One side with turtle fabric, one with fleecy fabric and ribbons of different colors, sizes, and textures.

    You could also make them quilted baby blankets. Just big enough to cuddle. That would be cute.

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    Find some Finding Nemo turtles for the print!

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    how about diaper bags?

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