For those of you who have lost over 100 pounds the natural way,how did you do it?

My problem with eating right is when I do, (cut down the calories) it makes me feel sick. And I still ate a lot but if I don't eat a whole lot then I feel weak and sick. I want to start eating healthy but I can't stand that horrible feeling. If you've lost a lot of weight and had to cut down your eating, how did you get used to it?

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    I "only" lost 90 pounds, so maybe you don't want to hear from me. I just "dove right in" to the eating plan, which started out strict and then added more leeway as time went on. The first week, for example, I was only allowed lean protein, veggies, fruit, whole grain carbs, skim milk, and water. I guess I was pretty motivated for it to work, because I don't remember a horrible feeling. It was more like a cleansing feeling. And my heartburn went away and I felt great! I never felt weak or sick. I kept the calories above 1200 and closer to 1500 per day, and exercised a lot (5 to 6 days per week, alternating strength training with cardio). I had more energy as I lost the weight and the strength training helped me tone up my muscles and build lean muscle so that I had a higher metabolism. I am guessing that maybe you feel sick and weak because you are too drastic with your calorie cutting? Just a guess...I can't possibly know exactly what you are doing. Make sure you get whole grains and other high fiber foods that help you feel full. I find that Greek Style fat free yogurt helps me feel full almost all morning. Sometimes I am not even "starving" hungry for lunch. I still eat basically the same way I did when I was losing the weight 2 years ago, except that I allow myself just a tad (300 calories per day, maybe) more leeway. You truly have to think of it as a brand new lifestyle and not a "diet" or it won't work. I truly look at overweight people now and WISH they could feel as good as i do now that I'm thin. It truly is so much better than whatever comfort I got from eating fatty foods. And I don't restrict anything from my diet. If there's something I really, really want, I allow myself a taste of it. Usually, that's enough...and I make sure I distract myself and get busy so that I'm not tempted to overdo. Remember that any eating only lasts a few minutes, but the regrets last a lot longer :) Good luck to you!

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    The fun thing about weight loss is that you can eat 6 times a day!! The catch is that 3 of those should be your big meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) and in between those you have snacks. Snacks I mean fruits, cottage cheese, something healthy. What this does it it speeds up your metabolism and burns calories. It is possible to eat 6 times a day totaling under 2,000 calories. The food choices aren't bad either.

    Breakfast of course you could eat cereal, preferably a healthy cereal like FiberOne (dietary fibers) and perhaps skim milk. Or oatmeal because of the dietary fiber and oats which could give you the feeling of being full.

    Lunch and Dinner you have a lot of healthy choices. You can still eat chicken. I recommend the boneless and skinless chicken and bake it with your favorite seasoning. Tilapia fillets is also good with 0g of Fat but pack 20g of protein! Brown rice and some veggies go well with it also. One piece of chicken or fish or something is good enough.

    That's the diet part and you need to incorporate exercise. Obviously running and weight lifting. Start easy with the running/walking if you're not used to it. Do this for like 30 minutes or so. If you want to run and weight lift on the same day, I would recommend having a 6 hour gap in between to have time to refuel your body with the nutrients it lost during exercise.

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    I have not lost 100 pounds nor would I want to,(because Ill probably die) but I do know that what and how much you eat through out the day is based on your daily activity. Lets say for instance its a ordinary day and you arrive home from school or work and you eat what you normally would(which is not healthy food).

    The fix to this problem is simple. All you have to do is control your mind, to do this you would need to find a second job or join some type of a sport club. Make sure your mind is focused and concentrated on some subject so much that you forget about food. This method works.

    Now, what does not work is: If you try stopping yourself from thinking of eating. This means you are fighting your mind. This will not work. You are going to need to find something that is going to keep you busy all day long.

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    My buddy misplaced eighty kilos in 7 months through shedding breads, consuming plenty of water. She additionally walked each different day with five lb, then 10 lb weights in each fingers. She additionally gave up Sodas, and her lunch she could devour a small component and refill with water. Dinner could be her largest meal, however she'd constantly devour earlier than 9pm. Good good fortune! Stay off the tablets!

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