Vacation horror stories?

Do you have a good vacation horror story? Or a a long bus ride (Greyhound or something like it) story?

I'm going to be taking a trip on a bus like Greyhound, and I'm just in the mood to hear some of your horror stories of either a long bus ride, or just a vacation horror story in general!

Best story gets the 10!

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    Ok here it is.

    My family had this huge long trip to the north west planned, like Wyoming and Montana. So everything was in place, hotel reservations and we think. We arrive at the hotel finally after like 11 hours of traveling, and we arrive at a Fairfield Inn, where our reservations were supposed to be. We had rented a Dodge Caravan for the trip, it was my parents, me and my three siblings. When we got there, the hotel had no reservations for us, and the only place that had vacancy was this hotel in a town 45 minutes away, where we would have to drive on the side of this road where it was a cliff if you swerved off the road. The people at the Fairfield Inn told us to look out for all of the white crosses on the road, and to watch out for deer and elk. It was like 1 in the morning their time, 3 on what we were used to. My parents were like OK we aren't doing this. So they convinced the hotel manager to give us some blankets and pillows and let us use the maintenance restrooms. We all looked like a bunch of homeless people, sleeping in the car. It was great. In hindsight.

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    Christians, Moslems, and Agnostics all in one extended family (three generations) were taking a road trip in a motor home. Two of our female members were at the end of their cycle. (not to make any disparaging remarks but, it gave them super power abilities to see what a** h0les the rest of us were.) My prepubescent ADHD sister was not medicated and off the wall.

    My brother-in-law and I both drove city bus during college so had the tendancy to weel around town like a car. I guess not the best ride if you are in back.

    Five adults and two kids in close proximity 24-7, sound like fun? At home for family dinners Religion, Politics and Philosophy at least for short periods can be avoided but, this wasn't what happened here. Me? I was charming as ever but, that didn't help.

    We chose to visit Cape Cod first. Not a good choice since: if you don't rent motels or patronize restaurnats, you are not wanted. We did manage to find parking for the RV with less than an hour walk to the beach. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. There was a cool breeze off the ocean which was at 60 degrees.(in August) The sand texture is fine and as white as sugar. The beach at Truro was desolate and was absolutly beautiful.

    My wife who is Irish and has stereotypical features, couldn't be convinced she needed sun screen. After all the rest of us weren't. But, we are Native american and my brother-in-law is Middle Eastern. Only one day and my wife is covered with blisters. (Forget the umbrella, the sand is reflective too.) She couldn't lie down or even sit. She needed to be heavily medicated.

    Before leaving the cape we decided to have lunch in P-town, (Provence Town) as it's called. My mother who has narrow ideals could not handle the public displays of affection. P-town is an alternatively liberated town. Mom needed medication too but, wouldn't take any.

    Leaving there to Boston to trace some historic steps and parking the RV at prominent monuments, is not a good idea. The thugs are there too looking for out of towners. Enough said.

    Did I mention the little sister "off the walls" I mean that literally. She is breaking things in a borrowed RV.

    But, north to Canada anyway. That's where the RV broke down. Seven hundred for an altenator might have been too much even in Canadian bucks but, the towing was unforgetable. Picture this: big RV, small tow truck. We are still in the RV. The RV front wheels are two feet off the ground and this maniac is speeding in heavy traffic. Up front I could see the tow trucks front end bouncing too high when he hit a bump. RV's have a tendancy to come apart in bad collisions. We were all praying in English and Farcie.( the language not the ground meat) The signs say 100kph, he must have thought 100mph. Anyway big bucks and a few drinks and we were feeling better. However, at Niagra Falls I did feel an urge to jump. Ever cross your mind?

    By this time the unhappy campers are more at ease because we were working back towards home. The high point for me, other than some excellent restaurants and perfect beaches is the Canadian National Tower. I don't remember many of the details but that the observation deck had a glass floor. And there is an illusion, since you can only see one quadrant of the structure through the floor, that the base and riser is not enough to support us. The floor glass is very thick but that is not apparent. The visibility that day I think must have been about 75 miles. It was amazing. I would do it again but, with friends not family.

    Epilogue: I have learned to check my expectations of family at the door. I take them where they are and they to me. I do love my family and tell them so considering I may soon be the faimily patriarch.

    Source(s): On another trip I went to NYC (500+miles)only to realize I didn't bring money or credit cards. I arrived back home having put gas in the tank from ashtray change. That was a miracle, good MPG on fumes. On a road trip to Mexico I crossed the Mojave Desert (no air conditioning) on what we found out was the hottest day for the last ten years. (windows up. down feels like a hair dryer in your face) Since then I have traveled widely. My favorite place? Durango Colorado. I'll get back some day. Good Luck
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    in the airport in Varadero, Cuba they don't trust people enough to put toilet paper in the bathrooms. When I was there, there was a lady sitting outside of the bathroom with a roll and a collection plate, and she would tear off a little piece (3-5 squares long) for people that would give some money. Imagine the embarrassment if you knew that you'd have really bad diarrhea and you had no money on you ;p

    that was 3 years ago, i hope things have changed there since...

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    okay well im not sure this qualifies as horror but it certainly wasnt delightful

    so this summer me and my family were going to go to hawaii.and it was going to be 7 people going. and so the day we are leaving we get in the car, we are half way to the airport and my moms friend calls and is like umm its says online you alls flight has been cancelled and we were like that cant be possible..we just checked it.but she checked it again and it we still went to the airport, my mom and dad had to argue with the airlines for HOURS just to get us a flight. and the flight wasnt even for that day, we had to wait 10 hours in the airport to get a flight to stay the night in california. we got to our hotel, the rooms were tiny the showers didnt work well, me my sister, my bf and her bf all had to share one tiny bed. our luggage had been on the other flight so we had no change of clothes or tooth brushes, or anything. and so we were all stinky and in a bad mood.and then we find out that on all these planes we wont even be seated together, we got seperated, my parents had to go on a totally different flight. we had issues with our rent car. because of all this we got 2 days of our vacation cut off.

    but after all the misery, hawaii was AMAZING!!!

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    My g/f tried to dump me at the grand canyon. I talked her out of it, but it was a lousey last day of a lousey week.

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