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My girlfriend left to Switzerland for 1 year.?

My girlfriend went to Switzerland for a year. We loved each other very much. I am missing her right now and do now know what I should do when it comes to a girl leaving my life. We didn't break up but we both knew it would be different, meaning we would have separate lives. I think she thinks that when she comes back were going to get back together. i love her so much and wish i could fly to see her every day. I don't know if contact with her is a good idea since this is her dream to be away and grow up learning things in Europe. We talked a lot on the phone in the beginning but now I'm feeling like i shouldn't talk to her or go see her. I'm afraid it would be disappointment for when i got to see her in 5 months thing will not be the same between us, and I know this will happen. I am sending little emails to her. I know she needs her space but my mind is bent on this. I cant move on yet I'm still in love with her, and i feel guilty seeing other girls knowing that she is only gone for year and I think she is the One. Literally. She is everything and anything i could ever want in a girl. Shes sexy hot. interesting and shares my interests in cars, food, art and family. If i could get some ideas or advice I would really appreciate you. Thank you

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    Man I cant belive I found someone thats going through the same thing i am.. I also left my girl back in Mexico and im not going to be able to see her till next June or July its going to be for like about 10 months.. but I know how you feel man I feel the same way I was calling her the 2nd day I got back home to chicago and now just this past saturday I had this feeling when I saw this missed call on my phone and I just tought to my self if that was her calling me.. and then later that day she did call i got so happy to hear her voice and also got so surprised she called me.. she did say she was going to wait for me man but that does not mean shes going to be just there waiting for me for like a year I mean I do trust my girl but I know shes going to find someone other guy in the next few months but all I can do is wait patiently till I get to go back over there and win her back again :D... I really wanna have a conversation whit you man but I dont feel good giving out my email in this yahoo world...

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    First. I have a question, is it okay for both of you to see other people?

    If it is then go out, go to bars, clubs, or other place you you have a good time Have fun but keep the dates simple. Your girl should do the same. When she gets back if you both still feel like the other is the one, you should be ready for the next stage. Plus how bad could that past year could have been. You had yoru fun and so has she, you'll be ready to settle down, with out cheating on each other.

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    Hey, hey, hey, Chris, let's not lump all women into the whore category.

    I would never cheat on a guy.

    If she feels the same way about you, I think you should keep in close contact, maybe pop in for a visit sometime. If you think she is the 'one,' then don't give up on her. Stop seeing other girls and tell her you'll wait for her.

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    I'm sorry to say, she's going to cheat on you. Women are whores, and being in Europe for that long, you're just asking for it. I'd break it off and move on before she either breaks it off first or lies about it, comes home and gives you the clap.

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