RX-7 Smells Funny...I think Im Burning Coolant.???? HELP?

One of my Coolant Hoses recently ripped and it was leaking Coolant so i replaced it... after i replaced it it seems as if my car is burning coolant. it stinks... it smells Kind of like coolant but im Not sure.. Please help. what could this be... ANd also My car idles rough and it turns off if i dont depress on the gas a little. this all happened to me soon after i replaced the hose that was leaking coolant..... Please help!!!!


This is a 1989 Rx-7 Convertible.. it has a Rotary Engine. Not a Piston engine.

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    the rotary Engine is a very simple motor (not at all complicated Ethan!). The smell is probably as a result of residual coolant being burnt off the engine. It would be beneficial however to check the the new hose isn't touching any hot surfaces. As for your engine cutting out since this part was changed, sounds like you mechanic may have cracked one of you thin vacuum hoses so it would be an idea to get them all checked. The rotaries have very few moving parts and if maintained properly will go for ages (although rebuilds are inevitable) It may be worth brushing up on your knowledge of them so that you can keep it in tip top condition because it is a future classic!

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    The smell of burning coolant may just be the previous leaked fluid burning off, but if you check your coolant level you should be able to tell if you still have a leak.

    As for the rough idle and stalling...hopefully you didn't overheat the motor when the hose blew. Rotary engines can end up with warped housing and endplates very easily if overheated.

    Take it to a rotary-specialist shop for a compression and vacuum test. This will determine whether you've damaged the motor.

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    I gotta agree with Lynx400 on this. It's a simple engine. As for the coolant hose, was it the one that goes right by the oil filter? It's a common failure point because it gets oil on it when you remove the oil filter. I recently had to replace it on my 1987 RX7 GXL after doing my 5-speed swap. One thing I noticed after getting the 5-speed swap done was that the engine was a bear to start. I drained my battery 5 times before flooring the gas and cranking it. On you 89+ cars, it cuts the fuel so you should do it about 3/4 the way down. Be sure to check your vacuum lines too.

    I'd suggest signing up on www.rx7club.com and doing a search in the second generation section. Your starting point should be to read the FAQ.

    hope you get it fixed,

    Akagis_White_Comet form the RX7 club

    Source(s): 1987 RX7 GXL with auto to manual swap
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    The rotaries are an extremely complicated motor. if the motor got to hot after you blew your hose, you could have damaged the porcelain ps. which is probably the most expensive fix the motor would ever undergo. or just fixing that hose may not be the problem or its not a tight fit and is leaking when the system pressurizes, if you have any smoke coming from under the hood when running check all your fittings and even the water pump. lots of different things could be going on. and all this talk makes me miss mine. good luck.

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