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How do you toilet train an iguana?

I've read in many place's you can train an iguana to go to the restroom in one certain area, how?



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    I have heard of it ... honestly I really dont know how they have trained them ... some I've read that they just did it ... others I've read that they trained them ... My girl goes perfectly fine in water, she goes very well in the bathroom tub and in her big water box she has in her house. >>> has an article on it ... it has to do w/ timing and knowing when your iguana has to go -

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    >>>> they need to secure the board just a bit more I think

    It is possible ... I personally have never tried to train my girl because she does so well w/ water. It is possible, I've read a few iguana group posts on toilets and iguanas.

    Best of luck if you try.

    Sites for you to read: - -

    A great book to read and have on hand:

    Iguanas for Dummies by Melissa Kaplan

    Yahoo has some great sites for Iguana owners... these groups helped me and still help w/ questions .. if you'd like to join: -

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    Every iguana i have owned became free roaming once they got to a certain size and all were paper trained. Most will start out picking a particular spot to do there Business (usually some where in the vicinity of where there food supply is) once they pick there spot start putting down the paper. I don't know if its really that easy but it was for me, luckily mine liked the vinyl floor in the kitchen area and no where else so i just put the paper there and it worked never had any probs. Good luck!

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    Well I'm in the process of paper training my iguana. It's kind of the same as litter box training a cat. Clean the poop off of any serface it shouldn't be on and leave the poop in the toliet/litterbox/paper and make sure your ig knows it's there. This doesn't work for everyone as every ig is different but it is possible.

    I'm in the process of putting the paper on one side of the tank so that he knows only to go on one side. But, he no longer goes on his log and plants, so, it must be working. :)

    Good luck!

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    ROFL....Sorry, I've never heard of such a thing. An iguana goes wherever he feels like going. If he has an enclosure that is where he'll be going. Just keep it clean. That's not that hard.

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    My iguana was trained to go in a bathtub with water in it

    Basically,....everytime I put him in, I would wait for him to do his business and then I would reward him with a treat (watermelon-his fav) ~water stimulates them to poop

    Now he just goes in there on his own,....

    Acquired habit i guess

    (please dont be grossed out by the bathtub idea,....its in the bathroom in my room that no one uses to bathe in and it gets disinfected after evertime he goes)

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    our lizard is a Bearded Dragon (aussie lizard) but we've kinda toilet trained him, all we did is only cleaned one spot & left the rest of his poo as is, gross but it works, now he goes to the cleaned spot more times (like about 80% of the time) than he does to other places, hope this works 4 u! :-)

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