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I need help with a nickame for my new baby brother?

His name is 'Omri Nathanyel Bennet' (named after a grandpa Omri and dad's best friend growing up Nathanyel) and my family is thinking of some nicknames for him. Some nickname ideas are (please rate them for me):

1. Nat

2. Obie (because first and last initials are O and B)

3. Owen (because first and middle intials are O and N)

4. Any (pronounced as Annie (got from Nathanyel)

5. Nyel (prounced like Neil)

6. Benny


Sorry, I meant to say nickname.

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    It is cute and goes good for a little baby.

    then comes:





    Any(sry,but it still sounds like a girls name)

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    Nat, Obie and Owen are cute. Any is just odd. My personal fav. though is Benny. I think it is cute.

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    I like Obie the best. then nat, owen, nyel, benny and any.

    Source(s): Mommy and step-mommy.
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    my mom always called me obie and my name is Jolie. Go figure. SO I guess I like that one the best.

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  • 1 decade ago

    how about omi?

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