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Guys, how long would you wait for a girl to return your affections if she is shy?

I've been battling this for a while now.

I am deliberately selective when it comes to dating guys. It's not only because I'm shy. I am selective because I am investing my time, my emotions, and my attention on someone I could potentially care for. I like to think of it as being cautious.

But, ultimately, I know this can backfire if I"m too cautious, and wait too long to reciprocate my attraction to a guy I am considering dating.

Guys, if you liked a shy and decent girl, how long would you wait for her to return your affections? Considering that it isn't easy for a shy girl to display her emotions to you, would you wait?

There's this guy I met through work who seems to be a decent type, but his outgoingness is a bit intimidating to me. I am sort of crushing on him, but I haven't found the right moment yet to feel comfortable enough to flirt back. It's been about a few months now, and we don't see each other often, probably every few weeks or so.


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    time and rivers don't stop for a person ................what i mean is that don't wait too long......what that will do is to distract that guy.........i think you are bit scared to take the is too short to wait too much.....goodluck

    pls answer mine too;_ylt=Am...

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