Anybody got good/not so good stories to share about Holiday Inn Weddings?

I'm looking to have mine at the one in Cherry Hill, NJ. Any comments, suggestions, advice, or pointers?

I'm pretty much doing it there for the one stop shop aspect. They are right in line with what my budget calls for.


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    I am planning my wedding, and while I was looking for a reception venue, I checked into my local Holiday Inn. The price for the hall was great and the facility was lovely. The food was pretty fair priced. You could get a buffet with two entrees and sides for roughly eighteen bucks a person, and of course plated dinners were more, I think 22 a plate and on up. The thing that got us was the cost of alcohol. At any place of business with a liquor license, by law all alcohol has to be purchased from them. Kegs of beer started at about 170 per keg. Liquer was sold by the bottle, and well liquers (not name brand) were about 70 to 80 dollars a bottle. If you wanted call liquers (that would be like Bacardi, Absolute, Seagrams7 etc...) they were 90 to 100 dollars a bottle. Wine was about 60 to 70 a bottle. So to supply an open bar (which is generally what you have at weddings) it would have been out of the question.

    Another thing is that you have to go with their colors of linen and napkins and table centerpieces. If you don't like the color of napkins on the table it was 55 cents a piece and cloths usually run anywhere from 5 to 15 a piece.

    Basically, they are nice places, but look into all the details.

    Good Luck!

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    I haven't heard anything bad about them, but I would ask for their event references. That way you can contact those who previously used the inn for their own events, and they can give you honest information on the establishment.

    I recently visited a friend who was staying at a Holiday Inn, and the lobby was gorgeous. Marble floors, chrystal chandaliers, the works, but every location is different. The rooms were clean, but basic, so they don't have the "wow" factor that other parts of the inn may have.

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    I went to one in Maine which was perfectly lovely but I think every location will be different. See if you can find a local web board to ask questions on. Or ask the hotel for references for happy brides.

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