High Definition Television Liquid Crystal Display?

OK, here is the question.

I am purchasing an Alienware Aurora in the next couple of weeks.

I then plan on purchasing an HDTV LCD, to watch TV and to use as a monitor.

It's going to be around 22".

The question is, will the computer be able to output a high enough resolution, (through an HDMI to HDMI Cable) so it doesn't look all pixelated.

It needs to look real sharp for FPS Games and other 3D games.

The default graphics card is an NVIDIA 9800.

Please help me and maybe suggest a good cheap 22" HDTV LCD that will suit my needs.



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    1 decade ago
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    Let me first tell you this: HDTVs are the worst possible solution for gaming. A 22" TV would have pixels that are much too big for gaming and too small a size for comfortable TV viewing.

    You can install an extra TV tuner card inside the PC and watch TV with it on a regular PC monitor.

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    I have to agree with the first two answers. An 'hd' 22" tv is terrible. Buy a 22" monitor. A TV is suitable for... watching TV and video. A monitor is good for... precision and detail, with the ability to watch tv and video and anything else with great quality.

    Go to the store and look closely at the TV screens. They don't show nearly as much detail because the pixels are further apart and bigger, and are meant to be watched further away. Monitors are made to be able to watch from a foot away, and be able to display 1 pixel sized fonts easily.

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    The HDTV used as a monitor may make the computer picture look realy good. You can get the cables at Radio Shack, Circuit City and Best Buy. Monster cables are the best for audio and a S-Video cable is the best for video.

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  • 4 years ago

    A plasma television is the main regular and prevalant version of a flat panel televison, which ability the television is fairly skinny. HD, although in basic terms ability a television it incredibly is able to showing approximately two times the style of strains as a regular television. this means you have a plenty extra desirable image with plenty extra element. maximum new plasma's, if no longer all, have HD geared up into them, yet you nevertheless might desire to envision to ascertain!

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    1 decade ago

    LOL. Computer have been able to push out HD resolutions for over a decade now. The limiting factor is going to be the TV, not the computer.

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