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What happened to my printer?

A few months earlier my printer had broken down. I tried to print some things with it and so did my aunt. But nothing happened. I mean to say that when we tried to print something, the printer went so far but then it made a really really loud grinding noise and quit. My aunt believes that it is just the ink and she wants to replace it and we will try that but can you help us in the mean time?

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    It maybe the cause of the gears, check if their is any paper jammed inside. Or else your motor getting dead.

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    One time I had problem with my printer, It just stopped working. When i turned it on to print some papers, the light of the printer was not on. So i tried to un plug all the wires and then I plugged them back together, It worked again and it has been working fine. I hope my answer might help you, good luck.

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    My digital mail prints the same way. i've got checked each decision and can't restoration the concern. So - I top click the message. I click on "reproduction." Then I "paste" onto a sparkling text textile website on my pc. Then I print the text textile website and that i'm getting the message in larger form (12 or up)

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    check inside for any blockages, otherwise, the motor may be shot and it's time for a new one.

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