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how come i cant feel pretty?

this weekend was homecoming

and i got my hair and makeup done.

while i was getting my hair/makeup done

all the people said i was oh so "beautiful"

and that i apparently look like elizabeth taylor when she was young.

i wish i honestly thought i was pretty, but for some reason whenever someone calls me pretty it makes me look at myself and pick out all my flaws, and i feel ugly.

how can i feel pretty?

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    Why does it matter if you're pretty or not?

    I think that's what's wrong with society today. They're making all of these support programs for women with low self esteem...and yet I mean...what if you really aren't pretty? Why isn't that okay just to acknowledge that?

    I don't think you have to be pretty. So I mean do what you have to do to have fun. And if that involves feeling pretty, then by all means load on the makeup.

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    Some people have something called body dysmorphia. They always feel they look ugly, or too fat, or deformed.

    Researchers have now discovered that the area of the brain that picks out minute detail, is more developed, or over active in people with this disorder.

    Regardless of how you really look, your brain is telling something is wrong when it really isn't.

  • hi what ever you do don't listen to the guy saying you got a phobia god every Second answear is you got phobias makes me sick just toughen up phobia become true when you think you have one you ddon'twant to go down that road cclassifying your self every mood swing

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    write a note on your door.

    pick out your best features and write them down

    for example:

    (your name here) has beautiful blue eyes.

    She has an incredible smile

    she has wavy wonderful hair

    she has a cute little nose

    and read it every day!!!

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    Does that matter?

    Just go out and be yourself. Have fun at Homecoming.

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    look at your homecoming pictures with you and your friends. pretend you are a completely outside viewer, and pick out who you think looks pretty.

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