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What would the cargo be of an explorer sailing to the New World (America) from Europe in 1500s?

What items would like be likely to trade with indians or give to them items for gifts?

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    Well, really the Spanish were in search of gold when they discovered the Americas and it is very probable that they were not intending on trading with the indians and definitely not giving them gifts. Although during the conflict with the Aztecs the Conquistadors offered "shiny items" (most likely silver or jewelery to smaller tribes in exchange for their assistance.

    Any explorer needs adequate food supplies and protection so they would of course have carried gunpowder, arqubuses (one of the first type of guns), possibly muskets, swords, cattle, sheep, horses for use as cavalry, personal items, foods of very little assortment (mainly salted meats and fish, perhaps some form of fruits or crops, though unlikely), marks (the currency system at that time), wine, maybe seeds to grow, spices and silks. Those are just a few examples of some of the cargo a spanish fleet would have carried during exploration of new lands.

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    An explorer wouldn't know if there was anyone there to trade with or not, so the trade goods they would take would be very limited. Axes, knives, beads and cloth were the most popular. But his main cargo would consist of food supplies - salted beef, pickled cabbage, flour, and that sort of thing because if he was an explorer, he wouldn't know what provisions or supplies would be available. If he was a trader, then that would mean contact had already been established, and that would be a whole different situiation.

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    My guess would be livestock, cattle, sheep, goats and horses. Goods to trade with the native Americans.

  • Beads,pots, possibly some clothing,anything made with metal,mirrors,alcohol

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    Do a google search.

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    Tools, cloth, beads

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