what challenges do you see for a company that wants to implement CRM system?how would you meet such challenge?

CRM refers to customer relationship management

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    Well, poor user adoption is always a sure fire way to CRM failure. You may read elsewhere that "implementation" has to do with software. A CRM "system" is really a CRM strategy. A strategy is built based on knowing your customers and developing a plan to increase their loyalty, lenghten their customer LifeCycle and ultimately increase customer value to your business

    The biggest challenge I see, as a CRM consultant, is a businesses unwillingness, for whatever reason, to recognize a customer focused vision of doing business is essential and that it requires a well thought out strategy based on customer information they've collected and will continue to collect throughout their CRM initiative.

    Part of this plan involves change management, which is essential if you want to reduce push back (low user adoption) from your employees. You need to specify how you will deal with this problem as part of your plan and as it relates to your staff.

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