Question for anyone who's worked at victoria's secret?

For anyone who's worked there, what was the employee discount like? what benefits were there?

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    1 decade ago
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    loved working there, don't get the credit card because you will end up buying EVERYTHING. you get 30% on regular priced items, and unfortunately no discount on sale items... every month or 2 weeks they launch a new product and employees get it for free or for discount (like a brand new bra for $5.00) the only pain in the *** is wearing your blazer, they are pretty strict about it, you have to have it on at all times, but besides that i loved working there.

    you will most definitely get put in "pink" for your first 2 weeks and consider quitting. once you get into the swing of organizing and lining up panties, it goes fast, and you learn to find some loo poles, like take the unorganized ones and just shove them back in the draw.

    no matter what, people are goign to come and mess up the work you do all day, its a pain in the *** but the job is fun and its fun working with the girls, a lot of gossip.

    good luck!

  • i read a book though i dont know if true but the older sister worked there and got a 20% discount and got to pick her hrs

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