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Are most men in America circumcised?

I am just wondering, because my friend told that they are, but I also heard that they're not. So does anybody know if in America do most of the men have circumcised penis?


I mean is circumcising practiced in America very often?

Update 2:

I am circumcised since I was a little baby. But I never really understood the point of it.

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    most are circumcised

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    now it is about 50/50

    the point sadly is money, while many people try to justify it with medical benefits anyone who actually does a cost-benefit analysis of the procedure will find it does not have more benefits then harm and that is why no country with universal healthcare pays for it, medicare is dropping and many insurance companies are dropping it as well. it was originally a religious thing and was later tried to be justified with medical reason s that have been proven false or were based on bad medical studies

    nowadays it's money, consider this, if a hospital circumcises two baby boys a day at $500 each that is about $30,000 a MONTH, $360,000 a YEAR for 30 total minutes work per day, and that doesn't include what they get for selling the foreskins to skin care companies (seriously they do)

    may sound weird but I restored my foreskin (as much can be restored) and the benefits of having one are there

    btw... the people claiming high rates also don't allow email, they know they are wrong or they don't care, the circumcision rate in america has NEVER been that high

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    The overall prevalence of circumcision in the USA is 79%. This is because in the 60s and 70s, it was actually recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Now though, they do not recommend it, saying "it is not essential to the child's current wellbeing."

    The current rate of circumcision is at an all-time low of 57%. In some regions, particularly the west, that figure is well below 50%.


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    yes most men in the US are circumcised. Yes, circumcision is practiced in the US culturally as well as on a religious basis by Jews and Muslims.

    Your partents did you a favor by circumcising you. They gave you a lifetime of health benefits including lower rates of cancer of the penis, stds, hiv, hpv and urinary tract infections. There are health benefits to this procedure and the benfits outweigh the negatives by a mile.

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    In the past, up to 80% of American males were mutilated, but the rates have fallen today to about 50% and continue to fall as more people finally realize that circumcision is the worst hoax ever perpetrated on the male sex.

    In my case, it destroyed more than the usual 50% or so of sexual sensitivity, and rendered me unable to achieve orgasm in normal sex.

    I didn't know what was wrong with me for years, and finally I found out about foreskin restoration. This has vastly increased my sensitivity and orgasms are much more intense than I ever thought possible.

    Most victims of male genital mutilation have no concept of the sexual experience of which they've been robbed.

    A whole penis with a foreskin feels and functions infinitely better than a partial, scarred and mutilated one. That's what nature intended, and amputating the foreskin is abnormal and unnatural.

    Thousands of guys are restoring their foreskins, as more discover the advantages of having a complete penis.

    A foreskin is not a birth defect; it is a birthright.

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    The rates for circumcision have been going down for years as people realize just how awful it is to do to a baby. Present overall rates are around 50%, some states, especially in the west, have much lower rates of circumcision, and the rates are slightly higher in the east. The younger a person is, the less likely they are to be cut.

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    Yes most dudes are cut in America it was just a thing that was done to all little dudes to fill the pockets of doctors kinda like a fad everyone was doing it so it probibly should be done.

    Some of us did skip the knife and are glad we did


    uncut and happy

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    Hey Cat I'm uncut; do I turn you on ;o) The rate of cutting is dropping because parents are finally getting a brain and realizing it is not necessary to hurt your newborn that way; if at all.

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    It takes twelve seconds for YAnswers webpage to open for me to be able to click on [add your answer] box. does this mean my computer is slow??

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    Yes, most American men are. There is no point to it and rates are dropping.


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