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help please no one has truly answered me yet?

ok so I don't know what to do anymore. I have eaten very lightly for a long time. But I still look huge. My friends say I am thin but they lie. I eat around 350-400 calories aday. Should I cut down to 300? or would that make no difference? should i cut more? Is their a good pill i could add to speed up weight loss? I am sick of looking fat it is all I think about. I just want to be thin.

I am 17... and I am lost on what to do

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    First of all, how tall are you and how much do you weigh? When someone says they "look huge!!!" that is a big red flag unless I know more info. Anorexia is a "body image" problem more than just an eating problem.

    Second, you need to be eating 1500-2000 calories per day or your body will go into starvation mode and conserve your calories by making fat... kinda the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. The ideal way of taking in those calories is to spread them out throughout the day... three meals with two snacks. That keeps all your body systems functioning well throughout the day...

    Third, once you cut your calories to a healthy well balanced limit... then the idea is to add aerobic exercise. Walking 30-45 min each day is plenty provided you get your heart pumping good.

    And lastly, make sure you drink lots of water... water flushes out the body of waste. If you get dehydrated, you will lose "weight" but your body will begin to conserve functions and shut down... that's bad.

    If you truly want to be "thin", then talk with a professional dietitian and your doctor who can help you guide your healthy eating....

    Hope this helps Peace

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    hey! so, eating 300-400 calories a day is very unhealthy! you need to eat a well balanced diet and exercise for 30 minutes a day. Trust me, I had to learn the hard way. If you don't get enough calories for a long period of time there are horrible consequences. You lose your hair, your body starts eating your muscles etc.. Just try and do everything in moderation. If you starve yourself and take diet pills 1. it is so bad for you and your <3 . 2. eventually,you will gain all of the weight back, plus some. If you do it the healthy way, the weight might not come off as fast but it will stay off! Take it a day at a time. Find something that you do like about yourself and try and accentuate it. For example, if you like your eyes, try some new eye shadow or mascara. Start styling your hair different, painting your nails and toes, trying new makeup. Just don't dwell on your weight! Just try and have a positive outlook on life! I am sure you are beautiful. Just start thinking more positively about yourself.

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    You are not eating enough calories number one and you are starving yourself. You need to intake atleast 1000. Its not always about the calories, just like all fat is not bad. The thing is when you take a drastic change such is that, your body will actually "store" up fat bc it needs fat and sugars for energy like it or not.

    The best thing for you to do is eat raw foods, meaning non processed foods. Veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish and other lean meats is what you want. Dont take any pills and make water your best friend. One juice drink can tac on 200-300 servings alone. Also remember that just because you cut back doesnt mean that you will lose weight, bc as soon as you decide to eat normal again guess what happens, you will wake up 5 pounds heavier. Stick to what I've recommended and in a week you should see a huge difference.

    Go to and play around with the daily plate. You can see what it is and what you should not eat to maintain your calorie intake. Most of all you can still intake and lose weight. Its all in the "type" calories you eat ok.

    Just an example 2 cups of grapes has 130 calories and a brownie has the same 130 calories. But grapes bring more vitamins and water to the plate. Brownies only bring sugar. So remember its the TYPE of calories you eat.

    Good Luck.

    Source(s): Nutrional Science major
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    Eating that little will just make your body store fat, because it thinks you are starving. It's called starvation mode. But if you still think you're fat you probably have an eating disorder. You look in a mirror and see a fat body, when really there is an underweight girl. I think you should seek some professional help.

    To answer your question to lose weight you need to eat over 1200 calories and exercise an hour and day 2-3 times a week (or what you can handle). It's a very long process. I lost 20lbs in two months.

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    How tall are you?

    How much do you weigh?

    I would say the MINIMUM number of calories you should eat a day is between 500-1,000. Maximum should be 2,000. Your 350-400 calories a day is not enough. There is no way you are meeting your nutritional needs on that little amount of calories. Maybe the problem is not necessarily the amount you are eating, but what you are eating. Do you eat lots of fruits and veggies, drink lots of water? Avoid sweets and snacks?

    Maybe you are too skinny. You can use Google to look up a BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator. Type in your height and weight. If you are at the lower end of the scale, then the reason you are not losing any weight is because you are too skinny.

    Source(s): college nursing Nutrition Book.
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    Don't drop any more calories. There are two people you need to talk to who will help you lose more weight: a nutritionist and a therapist. The nutritionist will help show you which foods will accelerate your weight loss naturally. The therapist will analyze your behaviors and help you eat at the proper times and work with you to suppress the urges you may be having to eat. By your brief question, I'm guessing that you may qualify for both of these professionals at no cost. You are already doing the right thing by asking people what to do - you just have to ask the right people the right questions. Don't spend money on useless drugs - the answer, ironically is within yourself.

    Good luck and don't waste another day.

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    first your not eating enough calories to keep healthy you should get around 2000 a day.

    it depend on how much you weigh as well. what you can do is eat normally and than wait about 30 Min's and exercise run for about 15 Min's or do a little work out for 30 Min's a day.

    if you don't eat enough your body will hold it and you will gain weight there are a lot of dieting books that tell you how to lose weight but im sure you are very thin but how much you weigh depends on what all you should do if you own a Wii you can exercise on it every day.

    good luck but you should eat more calories because if your only eating this much you are starving yourself

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    Wow. 350-400 calories a day. I think ur getting a bit paranaoid. Remember u need to lose weight healthily

    How much excercize to do u do a day?

    What type of food are u eating?

    I think these are the two questions u need to ask urself? Maybe u should eat vitamins and protein whey. As for a pill... i don't believe u would need to but thats ur choice. Remember losing weight can be fun -_-" although it may not seem so. Playing a game of netball or volleyball with ur friends is a way better alternative than just doing much hated sprints in the morning.

    Hope this helps

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    If you continue to eat that little of calories, you will die. To become fit, you should increase your calories and maybe add some physical activity onto the plate. That way, you can stop worrying about how much you are eating, and start focusing on being healthy bc eating 350-400 kcals per day is not healthy at all. The combination of a healthy diet of about 1700-2000 kcal per day and exercise are enough to keep you lean and in shape.

    Source(s): nutrition student
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    Sounds to me like you may have a body image problem. Your friends who see you say that you are thin. We can't see you, so to give you advice on how to lose weight would be reckless. 350-400 calories a day at your age is not enough. As far as pills go, you have to be very careful at your age. You really should consult a doctor and have him manage your weight loss goals.

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