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does it bother you to see this?

for those of you that feed better quality foods, does it bother you to see all these purina clicky things? it kinda gets on my nerves lol....

anyway to make this legit:

what is a breed of dog you dont see everyday?

in my 'hood[lol i sound like a gangbanger!] we dont see many goldens or labs, surprising isnt it? i think we are the only people with goldens for a good 10 mile radius.

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    I was in line at Target tonight and it kind of bothered me that the family in front of me were buying a huge bag of Pedigree, but then I thought when I saw a lot of toys for it in their cart too - at least they seem to care about their dog. Some people don't care enough to even bother to feed the dog or even care if it sees anybody. At least they thought of him at the store.

    In my area - you don't see a lot of Coonhounds, although the further south you get in Illinois you do.

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    I feed my dog Solid Gold, and while I agree that Purina is a crappy food, at least they are feeding the animal. I've seen way too many dogs on Animal Cops who are starved and on the verge of dying, so I would rather that that particular dog had eaten something, even if it was Purina.

    Now, what dog don't I see everyday? Hmmmm. Pharaoh Hounds.

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    I had never seen one in person until I ran into a breeding pair a neighbor has. They're absolutely beautiful. The neighbor was kind enough to let me follow her home and show me photos of them winning their titles and going through shows, as well as photos of past puppies.

    Oh, and yes. All those commercials make me mad, but a huge Purina building is here and provides jobs, so the advertisement is aggressive here. It's blaaah. Bad for food, good for jobs, so I just look the other way and just don't feed that crap to my dogs.

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    Well lets, see... how about yearly?

    I would have to say a Suluki. I have never seen one in person, along with other dogs.

    I live in a small city, only about 300 people in it. Mostly everyone has Labs, hounds, and Heelers. I think I have the rarest dogs in the city.

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    Yes, it bothers me as well. I even considered asking the same question before.

    I don't see many Basset Hounds, I have a Basset mix, but I don't see any others in my 'hood. LOL

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    I rarely see Dalmations or dobermens or pitbulls...plenty of labs and retrievers

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    I don't see a lot of Australian Shepard's, or Brussels griffins

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    Any type of toy dog. I guess we are all big dog people.

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