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Can you please help me with this math problem...?

solve using either algebraic method



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    First you isolate one of the variables in one of the problems.

    Next you insert that into the other problem.

    You solve for the remaining (single) variable in the problem.

    Once you've solved for that. Insert that into one of the equations to get your second variable.

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    1/4x + y = 7/2


    first get both y's on one side by subtracting the x's from both side.


    -y=-2x+4 divide by -1 on both sides to get rid of the - infront of y=2x-7/2

    then place one y in the the place of the other, solve then place the x answer in the place of the other, solve, check, and you're good to go, all the best!

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    okay, well, first thing is solve for one variable.. for me, y would be the easiest :)

    so, this is what it would look like:

    .25 x + y = 7/2


    y= 2x - 4 (subtracted 2x from both sides, divided both sides by -1)

    sooo, this is where substitution comes into play:

    - .25x + (2x-4) = 7/2

    - 2.25x - 4 = 7/2

    - 2.25x = 7.5 (added 4 to both sides)

    - x = 10/3

    now, substitute x to solve for y:

    y = 2x - 4

    - 2(10/3) - 4

    - y = 8/3

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    the first problem y= 13/4 bcuz 1/4 + y= 14/4-1/4=13/4

    the second one cant b simplified

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    plug y=2x-4 into first equation then plug value into any equation for other variable

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    aw.. i remember those days.

    i wish i could help. i suck at math. always have. im sorry.

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