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My laptop is running really slow i just wanna wipeout everything i have how do i do that ?


I just wanna save limewire and itunes is it possible to save programs and if so how

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    Using a registry cleaner can clean up your computer and then make your computer faster,Why?the reason is that there may be some registry errors and remnant,corrupt files and temp files in your computer to cause "computer slow".

    Every time you install and uninstall software on your computer and surfing online you create junk in the computer registry.over time, the registry can grow to enormous proportions, especially if the various programs you've installed do not do a good job of deleting and/or updating it's Registry entries.You need to scan and clean your computer with registry cleaner to make it fast.Good Registry Cleaner will improve your computer and Internet performance dramatically!

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    The below steps are for reformatting and reinstalling the OS

    For Windows:

    1) Enter BIOS during start-up (usually DEL, F1 or F2) and make sure you set the boot sequence to boot from CD driver first

    2) Insert OS disk. (Microsoft XP Pro?) Reboot computer and allow it to boot said CD. Most OS CD's will ask about formatting.

    3) Format in NTFS or FAT32 (better use NTFS)

    4) Allow OS to install over the formatted drive

    For Mac:

    1) Unplug unit

    2) Grab OS CD

    3) Throw unit out closest window or repeated bludgeon with hammer. At the same time, break the CD over your own head.

    4) Go buy a PC

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    once you're saying he downloads stuff, i anticipate you recommend he makes use of Kazaa, Limewire, or another according to-to-peer community application? if so, this could be a great component to the subject. There are some loose AntiVirus/spyware/spyware removing downloads which will help immensely. One is "AVG Anti-Virus" then "ThreatFire" and the different is stable previous "Microsoft Defender" (assuming he has XP SP2 or later). First any peer-to-peer application needs to ne uninstalled. Then run those apps. once you have uninstalled the offending apps and wiped sparkling it up with those, run disk cleanup and defrag. If this does not do the trick, that's in basic terms time to decrease back up archives you do no longer % to lose and reformat the stressful force and reinstall domicile windows. which will do the trick for particular.

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    Upgrade the memory and the processor and you should be fine.

    Also, if you clean out the hard drive with stuff you don't need like icons, programs, and files, you should also be fine. There may also programs running in the background that shouldn't be running, so bring up the task manager and go to processes, and stop every thing under your user name except explorer.exe and see how it goes. Also look for RegCleaner.

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    If you mean reformat, that's easy.

    You can either format logged in or during startup.

    Logged in: Look for System Restore in your Start Menu, then follow the directions

    Start up: When it's starting up, press F6? F7? (forgot which key..) to open the system restore menu. From there, follow the directions

    If you're not sure, just google it. :)

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    What I do in such situations is to just reinstall the OS again, and deleting the old one

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    google how to reboot your computer. but first save the files/pictures/or anything you really need cause everythinggg is going to get erased

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    If you have mcafee, click on to the icon, then click maintain computer, etc., if you have norton, click on icon, then scans, then comprehensive scans, your files are probably filled up.

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    With pc optimizer pro you can safely clean, repair and optimize your computer.

    It will help improve your system performance.

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