Social Security and Step Parents and SS Files?

How is social security determined when a parent re marries ? Can A child collect SS from their step parent or does the child collect from the biological parent ? How is all this information kept up to date ? If a child is adopted is it right to assume they can only collect from the new parent and not the biological parent ? What information does SS keep in your file with regards to children and who are the parents ?obviously they would cross check with the IRS but a married couple these days are in most cases both NOT the biological parents .There are a lot of step parents .

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A child only receives SS if they are disabled or if they are a minor and one of their legal parents is disabled. A legal parent would include an adoptive parent, but not a stepparent.

    If the child is receiving benefits because a legal parent is disabled and that parent remarries, the benefits remain unchanged by the marriage.

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