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I have a question to all Independent voters!?

I am an independent myself. I was wondering. Why are you independent? Are you more liberal or conservative? Who are you voting for? How important do you feel is the independent vote?

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    I think the independent vote is very important. I can honestly say though, no offense, but I believe anyone who listens with an open heart, to the debates, and reads enough to be able to differentiate between total lies and truth, will vote for Barack Obama. I believe the polls are suggesting likewise.

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    I am registered as an Independent, as I do not wish to be affiliated with any political party. I have never been in all of the 37 years I have voted. I like to make my own choices based on my assessment of the individual candidate. Of course, with the presidential elections, the individual vote, or the popular vote doesn't really matter, as the electoral college, which I am opposed to, decides who the next president will be. I am not at all pleased with our choices for president this year, and feel that if this is really the best our country can offer in the way of representing us in the executive branch of our government, it is a very sad commentary on our nation. I would love to vote for a third party candidate rather than one of the two major party guys, but since no electoral college member will likely represent me in doing that, I might as well not even vote. I will end up voting for McCain, as I fear the "changes" that will be brought about by the Democratic candidate may not be exactly what his supporters really want, need, or are expecting.

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    I'm registered as an independent because I don't vote along party lines, I like to pick and choose which candidate I like overall. I also work in government, so it's never a good idea to let your boss know which side you fall under (as my bosses are elected officials who love to check the registered voter lists). This time around, I am voting republican. I think the independent voter is going to be the ones who determine this election.

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    hate the failed two party system of dems and reps, it has evolved into an elite country club that is contemptuous of the working class. their words are phoney and out of touch.

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    I don't vote and I don't like to get into polices here! I hate polices here!

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