Could someone underage stay with an 18 year old as a "guest"?

Could someone underage stay with an 18 year old as a "guest"? When I graduate high school and go to college, I'll be 17. My boyfriend will be 18 and we wish to live together. I'll be 17 for only about two months from the point of moving in until the time I turn 18.

Will anyone make a big deal about it as long as rent gets turned in on time?

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    Your mom might not approve.

    I can't see what difference it would make to the landlord as long as you are on the lease and paying rent.

    Your not the first 17 year old kid that has started college and needed a place to stay.

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    it depends if u r considered an adult in ur state and on the landlord , some wont ask as long as the money is in their hands by the end of the month but some hold them selves to legal abiding rules so they do their legal duty, its usually not a big deal cuz some states 17 is old enuf to move out , thats a question for a law officer over the phone or check state rules

  • L. W
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    Why tell the landlord your real age? If he asks for proof, tell him you don't have a drivers license, and you've applied for an 'age of majority' card that has not arrived yet. Then in two months you come up with a license, or id, that shows you are 18.

    Or, play on his sympathy and tell him in 2 months you'll be 18.

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  • Gem
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    Depends on the landlord.

    In college towns, landlords tend to have more rules because of the number of times they have been messed over.

    But, you never know until you ask.

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