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Make computer or buy it?

Should I buy this computer

or make my own computer what do you think I think this is a good computer for price and if i make a computer as good as this it would be about this price what do you think ?

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    Well I think it's going to be cheaper to build your own pc . When you buy branded pc you're gonna pay for the name. If you build a pc as good as the one from the link it would cost you less. You can find parts at nice prices . DD2 memory bargains for instance you can find on .

    Let me know if you have more questions .

    Good Luck !!!

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    That's a pretty nice computer.

    I find you can build for about the same price as you would buy. The reason being that major manufacturers get huge discounts on components but skimp on the quality of most of those components.

    They will put in a good chip with good specs, maybe a good Graphics card, and lots of RAM, but the rest of the components such as the motherboard are all the cheapest they can get.

    Building your own, you invariably get slightly better components out of a desire to make sure it is all top-notch... so you end up paying more for the components both due to better parts and lack of purchasing power.

    however, you don't mark up for sale so this evens it out in the end.

    The last computer I built was for my wife and I ended up saving about 150 bucks compared to Best Buy mainly because I cheaped out on the graphics card but bought a quality board, Chip, soundcard and RAM -the things my wife will actually need.

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    He's looking at a Gaming computer for a reasonable price and you recommend an iMac? EPIC FAIL! Macs are ridculously overpriced and absolutely TERRIBLE for gaming!

    You can definitely get a better deal if you build your own PC, but if you're worried about building it correctly and installing all the software and drivers on your own, go ahead and get that PC. The Gateway FX series is a pretty good gaming computer at a descent price.

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    That's a very good spec on that PC!

    A Quad Core Processor 6GB DDR2 memory and 640GB hard drive ,that is AMAZING!

    I'm not sure about the price as it's in Dollars and i don't know the price in Pounds(i'm from the UK) but on the spec alone it's very very good! ;)

    That PC is going to be like lightening when you turn it on and handle all you're applications,...that's a good thing!;)

    It's very similar to the one i'm getting in a few weeks>

    I would 100% buy it.

    But if you want to build you're own it could work out cheaper if you know where to get good parts at a good price.

    As long as you know what you are doing,you could save a few Dollars in the process.

    The thing about self built PCs, that you can add all the stuff that you want as it's tailored to you're needs.

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    Make it. For higher end computers, you can save quite a bit of money by picking similar parts by yourself. Because you can find a better deal on graphics cards and a whopping 6 GB of RAM.

    Personally, I think that is total overkill, 4 GB is way more than good enough.

    Newegg is a good site to shop for parts (US only, though)

    @Alex: Uh, yeah, because we all know that iMacs are cheaper and GREAT for gaming (/sarcasm)

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    To be honest it depends what you want to use the machine for. If its just for the internet and a bit of gaming buy a cheap one. But if you want to play lots of games or do video editing or something along these lines then building your own will be much cheaper!

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    Actually, that's a pretty good deal for a computer. If you have no experience building computers, you should go with buying one rather than building. This particular system is pretty close to what you'd pay buying parts and building it yourself, probably within $200.

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    Build it. I just built one for $400 from compusa. XFX MG-610i-7059 Motherboard CPU Bundle - Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200 Processor 2.20GHz OEM, 4gb of memory, dvd burner, and a 500gb hard drive, and I can add more then one.

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    Well it depends on your computer building skills but 99% you will get a better deal building your own.

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    if your buyin a pc, make it. its soo much cheapr. my friend bought this thing that was 450$ and its like a kit that you build it with. and its like 100 times better than $1000 computers. but you need to buy a monitor

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