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Do think every time the Sun returns to our sign that we become more empowered by the traits?

If that makes sense O_o

What I mean is every time the sun returns to our sign, do we become more like our sign?

Do we gain more identification and a better understanding of ourselves?

I always think that people who are older relate to their sign more than younger people somehow...

Make sense or no?

It's just that I am missing parts of Aquarius and I hope to gain those traits as I go along....I do act A LOT like my SUN sign tho just a few missing pages is all...

I wish I had all the traits to begin with...

Can you relate your sign?


haha....I'm not sure O_o"

Thanks for the answers....T-UP's :D

Update 2: can say whatever you want...not like I am looking for a highly intelligent answer....

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    I agree, I feel stronger in a lot of different ways durring different transits. Sometimes I have no idea why - lol - only to figure it out later - lol! ;)

    Congradulations on your TC status too, by the way! :)

    I do feel my sun sign strongly and always have (more so than others) - I think my moon and rising are very apparent most of the time as well - depending on situations and circumstances - lol - like how I react to things! I am like you, I still soul search and look within to try to identify better with my other placements and signs...I have a lot of squares and I think this may be why it may be a challenge sometimes...

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    Yeah! I totally understand the question. I actually wonder that often! When ever the sun rolls into Scorpio, the world seems so awesome and stuff. I can't really explain it. But that's how it is. It may affect us just as it did at birth. Now, the whole becoming more like your traits thing. I don't think it will change that. I think your moon and other signs may have a big impact on you.

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    you are thinking good! this is a good question. i feel that if (for example) the Sun returns in Cancer i will have more presence and it would Cancers "time to shine". i think that it does change who we are, because the sun has a big influence on us.

    i can not relate to my sign. well, not all the time. Cancer is a very complicated sign to figure out, and even i have trouble with that figuring out myself. i am influenced by my Mars sign, Gemini. Mars can influence someone just as much as the Sun sign does other people.

    Source(s): oh, i am a cancer. haha sorry.
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    When is the sun returning to Leo? I must know this lol

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    Yes I believe just what you say. You said it good. :)

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