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Huge Abuse Problem- Help Please?

I've been dating my girlfriend for approx. one year now, and I have recently moved 5 hours away to go to college. I recently found out that my 16 year old girlfriend is being abused by her father. Not only is he emotionally and physically abusing his daughter, she can't seek out help from her mother because she herself is being abused. Obviously she told me this in confidence, and is very scared to tell anybody, out of fear. This is weighing on my conscious deeply, and nobody deserves this treatment. What can I do to help without hurting her?

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    I was in the exact same situation your girlfriend is in until my fiancee rescued me. You have no choice but to report it. I know it sounds really hard and you don't want to break your girlfriend's trust but the longer you wait, the more she will be in danger. My dad threw me into a table and I ended up with a concussion. Thank God, I wasn't seriously hurt though. Do the right thing.... call the cops or social services. Also, if your girlfriend has any bruises, have her take pics of it with a camera or her pic fone for evidence later on incase her dad tried to say that she is a liar. Your question brought back so much memories but my fiancee couldn't put up with me being abused anymore. I hope this helps and I wish all the luck and i'll say a prayer for you and your girlfriend.

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    Helping someone you love in a situation like this not always straight forward. Trying to decide what is the best option might need some help from a trained counsellor. If you're in America contact RAINN on 1800 656 HOPE.

    If you're in Australia contact the National Sexual Assault line on 1800 200 526 or the kids helpline on 1800 551 800.


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    Report the abuse to the Child Protective Services in her area. They are trained specifically to help with this type of problem. The abuse is likely to get worse without intervention.

    Source(s): Former child protective services worker.
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