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this is normal right?

i have a frined who has really hot sis. i went over to his house yesterday. my friend wasnt there(we usually go over to each other's house without an announcement). only his sis was there. she is really cute and only 2 yrs older than me. i started to flirt with her. she flirted back. we went into the jacuzzi later. she was in her bikini and i was in my boxer. then i took off my boxer and show her that i was naked. she took off her bikini too then i just sucked her b**b. and ate her then we had sex. it was my first time.then she said she wanted to something she never done. she told me to piss on her. so i did it. it was gross but i liked it now its really awkard between us. wat should i do? this isnt a joke. im not one of those fat pervert on internet

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    looks like there is only one route, given that you pretty much killed your friendship with your friend. just continue seeking your friends sis and be prepared to be schooled.

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