What activities/behavior makes one 'feminine?'?

I am just wondering what behavior characterisitics make one to be labeled "feminine?" I am a crossdresser and love to wear womens clothing. Does that make me feminine? What other behaviors could I do, to be labeleded as feminine

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    "Feminine" is a part of speech, as is "masculine" and "neuter."

    It is not so evident in English, but very much so in Latin, where the noun endings must be one of the three. Interestingly, the word for "farmer" (which we may assume was a man's job even in ancient Rome) in Latin is "agricola," and the "-a" ending is feminine. (Two farmers in Latin are 'agricolae," with "-ae" being plural feminine.)

    The three (masculine, feminine, neuter) are the "gender." When people speak of someones "gender": they are using the word wrong, as if it meant "sex" (as in "male" or "female").

    Does wearing women's clothes make you feminine? The question is whether it makes you FEMALE, not "feminine" which is a part of speech and a matter of grammar. Behavior cannopt "make" you female or male...contrary to popular opinion, there are no specific behaviors that are exclusively male or female.

    You cannot be female unless you have a womb. You are a cross-dresser, not a transsexual (that is, someone born a male or female who, inside/mentally truly feels oneself to be the opposite sex).

    To become a female (if a male) involves a series of operations, lots of psychotherapy to help with adjustment, a LOT of courage, etc.

    -- Dr. Bob, Adlerian Psychologist

    Source(s): Adlerian psychology: http://www.lifecourseinstitute.com/ Also, personal experience counselng with individuals who have transitioned from male to female and female to male.
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