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What is some cute ways to wear long hair?

Hey! I have longish hair, about the middle of my back haha, and im just wondering if anyone has any ways i can wear it, cuz im running out of ideas. Anything helps, Thank you:P

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    I had long hair and I put my hair in two braids or pigtails :)

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    Braid it while it is wet or wet it after you braid it. Let it dry and take the braids out and brush lightly. You will have a wave in your hair that will last several days, maybe 'til you wash it again. Use styling gel on wet hair to make last longer, I almost forgot because I am allergic.

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    Low ponytail

    High ponytail

    Side low ponytail

    Messy bun

    Regular bun

    Ponytails on each side (also called pigtails sometimes, but I hate that word)

    French braid




    Scrunch it

    All I can think of, hope I helped!

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    I do a long braid that falls over one shoulder. Or I curl it /straighten it to change things up. Get bangs or layers to change the cut but still keep it long.

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    1. braids

    2. ponytail

    3. pigtails in the front

    4. get layers if you want a cut

    5. leave it down

    6. put it up with a clip! :) somehow with those big clips..i don't know what they are called.

    7. have funnnnnn! mess around with it! cuz i ran ou of ideas! good luck and plz choose me az best answer! :)

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    lots of ways...high ponytail, low ponytail, side ponytail, pigtails, braids,just leav eit doen tie it down very low then put it up with a clip, lol and lost more

  • curl it.

    pony tail


    french braid

    messy buns

    banana clips

    hope this helps

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