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2 of my fish have died in the last week. Whats going on?

I have a 25 gallon fish tank and had 3 male guppies and 3 female guppies, 1 sucker fish, 2 frogs, 5 neon's and 1 female beta. About 3 days ago my female Beta died I noticed she was bloated and her scales were weird. Now one of my male guppies just died too! I don't want my whole tank of fishes to died so what should I do? Also all the fish get along great so I don't know what happening.


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Update 2:

I cleaned the tank bought some ick treatment and have the fish in a holding tank at 78 degrees! I told my hubby it was a bad idea to put the female beta in there!!! I hope no more die!! They weren't cheap and my daughter already cried when I had the flush the guppy down!

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    Maybe the frogs are sending a message to the others that if you mess with them, they will be sleeping with the fishes.

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    putting a beta in a community tank might cause him to get ill or dye because betas survive best in brackish (stagnant) water. if he was bloated he might have had a parasite as well. Once a fish dies you should immediately remove it and then do a water change as a dead fish can spike levels in the tank causing other complications like tail rot and Ick on your other fish. Check your water levels (ph, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates etc.) if everything checks out fine. then get some sort of parasite remover and make sure you follow the directions on the box as they usually require you to remove the carbon from the filter. another option is to quarantine the fish in a separate smaller tank as not to pas the illness to other fish. get a one gallon tank with filtration (no need for substrate) and medicate the ill fish until hes better. A third reason a fish can die is as simple as getting harased by others, Male guppies, in particular, will haras other males for dominance of the tank, this can cause the to do things like not eat. And the final and simplest way to kill fish...over feeding... you need to remember some times fish don't get better, or they just die from old age or other internal complications that we dont have solutions to.

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    Clean the tank and treat it for ick! put your fish in some clean water until you can change the tank....Make sure temp is right and air is working.

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    the people who answered your question are stupid. its your nitrate level. its too high, the waters alkalinity is probally well into the 300's.

    check your filters, clean them. limit the amount of food your feeding them to ensure its not wasted; and change 1/3 of your water from your tank out with tap water once a week.

    and buy nitraban. its always good to help, and its really really good to have on hand in case of an emerency..

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    Hurry up can go to the petstore and buy a medication called "NUTRAFIN CYCLE" it reduces fish lost and keeps aquariums healthy. you may want to change the water just in case and also put some "water conditioner."

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    Call your nearest pet shop they can recommend something Im sure..sorry about your fish..0ne of my fish just died little pinky Ill miss her..

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    If you just got a new fish then chances are he/she brought a disease to your tank. check ph levels in your tank and uh... frogs?

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    it might be ick... its a disease fish get that kills them

    you might want to google it and check your fish for the physical symptoms

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