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Im a 45 year old Virgin is this bad?

Alright so I am a 45 year old man and never had a gf, never kissed a girl or done anything with one. I gave up on girls in my second year of college, because I had never even had a girl that was a friend by that time and everyone I know was alright in serious relationships or married or atleast been somewhere with a woman. So I knew it was just never meant to be and gave up on woman. So is this a bad thing that I never got close to a woman??? I had feelings for woman, but they would never even give me the time of day. And no I dont live with my mom or any stereotype crap like that. So are some people just meant to be alone or what???

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  • Lee
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    Yea that's kinda bad i love women ever since Alexis May kissed me in the second grade ive been hooked

  • Anonymous
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    I'm a 45 yr old woman, and I'm single. I'm not a virgin, but I haven't gotten any in a long long Maybe we should get

    I would really love to be in a relationship too. I think there are more of us in our age group in the same boat than you realize. Seems like we all got bogged down in our 20's and 30's with our careers, and before you know it, we're 45 and no relationship.

    As for me, I think I just need to put myself out there more. I tend to go to the same places all the time, and I should try some new things if I want to meet new people.

    I would make a very loving girlfriend or wife because I love to take care of the home and cook, and I would literally do "anything" my man wanted me to do in the bedroom.....and I've got a good personality and I'm reasonably, I have no idea why a jewel like me is still available.........maybe after reading your message, I'll try to do something different this week to meet someone new.

    I tried doing the thing, and it just seemed like weirdos and married men, so I stopped that. I think the best way to meet someone is just naturally anyway.

    Don't give up on women cause there are some great people out there like me who aren't taken........and I think sex in 40's is better than when I was in my 20's. Back then, I was more worried about did I look ok naked or am I a good lover. Now, I just enjoy and try to make my partner enjoy. So what if my stomach is not as flat as it onced was or my butt is a little jiggly..

    Anyway, don't give up. Your best years are still ahead......but a good woman is not going to just show up at your door and need to go out and find her........maybe it will be me! LOL


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    Ugh, I swear to God, the age limit should be 18 or older on this site. Please disregard the negative comments made by incompetent idiots.

    I don't think it's anything to be ashamed of. You are an individual and things in your life will come when they are meant to. I don't think everyone is meant to be alone, I don't think everyone will find their true love, however. I agree with those on here telling you to get out more. Maybe step outside your comfort zone? Perhaps join a different club, take up a new hobby (I've just recently taken a motorcycle class in order to get a sports bike and I'm only 18!) just put yourself out there, try something different. Maybe you won't fall in love but I bet you'll meet lots of interesting people!!


    Eve :)

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    I know someone exactly like you, except they aren't as old. My concern for him is that he may not be gay, but mentally ill. Please hear me out. Maybe you have a real psychological block that prevents you from getting close to women. You should sit back and try to recall having any traumatic experiences with women. Something may have happened to you that is causing you to feel this way. Look, don't despair okay? You had enough guts to come on here and share, so that's a start. And nevermind these other folks who are not as sensitive to your dillemma. I realize that everybody has issues. God bless, and good luck.

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  • CC
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    1 decade ago

    Maybe but if you gave up in college why question it now? I think you want it so go get it. No girl has to know that you are a virgin and or never had a girlfriend before. Are you sure your bread is not buttered on the other side? Whatever you choose just choose happiness.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My thoughts are that if Anna Nicole Smith can have her way a 100 year old man, that gives you alot of time to have your way with a women. There are alot of great women out there, you just have to find one. Check out, or

    Good luck!

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    i mean its not bad...but have u ever considered the fact that u might be gay? im not trying to be a d*ck....or maybe ur just really shy and u need to come out of ur shell and date around. make new friends, change ur attitude about not being mean to be with a woman. u need to least

    Source(s): me, im a 21 year old not virgin
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No it's not bad, but I hope you find a woman to experience the joy of sex... It's a natural feeling that God has instilled in us

  • Jenni
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    1 decade ago

    Some people are just meant to be like that, it's alright. Being a virgin's good, God'll like that about you!

    Ok! People here are mean! It's like saying life depends on sex and all that!

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    some are but you can find someone if you are really serious you have to take time and look there are so many out there that would love to meet you and stuff but you have to be found. take care

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