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How come i can't get a boyfriend? =/ * i only attract "players"?

( i'm 13. ) I've only had one "true" boyfriend. The others, they used me. One, used me to get my bestfriend. And the other used me for sex. Gosh. Pretty much every guy in my school are jerks. I only know about, 2 guys that are actually nice.

Is it because i have acne? that's what i think. Is there anyway i can make myself more "attractive"? Or, prettier. I'm going to order Clearogen, to see if that helps with my face.

BTW. i AM getting my eyebrows re-waxed. - on the right. - on the right.


duude. who said i had sex with him? i'm not THAT stupid. durr.

Update 2:

omgg. chill everybody!

i'm not having sex!

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    Sweetie you're gorgeous! And seriously, I don't say that to just anyone..I've seen alot of questions here where girls have their pictures posted and if they're not gorgeous, I don't say they are. I don't say their ugly either, but I just don't comment.

    Anyway back to your do you dress? That's really key for a girl. If you wear mini skirts or tube tops then you can understand why you attract a certain group of boys.

    Another thing...sweetie, I'm 16 and let me tell you one thing. In the end, they're all using you at this age. None of them are looking for a permanent companion and they either completely put out for sex and are evidently jerks, or they indirectly break up with you because you couldn't put out.

    Make it clear to guys that you don't intend on sleeping with them at the beginning of the relationship. If he leaves, then that shows what a great guy he truly was. If he stays, you can stick to your word or after a few months decide truly how physical you would like to be with him.

    And about your skin, you're beautiful and break outs happen to the best of us and we're in the age where break outs are more common (I'm 16). Make sure your makeup is hypo allergenic.. (Bare Minerals is amazing and any other mineral makeup.) Use a 3 step skin care regime...something like Clinique's 3 step, so you use cleanser, toner and cream. Wash your makeup off reallly well when you get home..I can't emphasize how important that is. If you sleep with makeup, you'll end up with horrible skin in the next few days.

    Hope I helped!


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    hey you know you are still too young to know what a 'true boyfriend' is? and too young to have sex. Don't give in to what you call 'jerks' easily because that's probably why they attract to you really easily because they might have think that you are an easy girl. Just have fun for a while and enjoy life. Go shopping with your mates, go watch some movies, hang out to the beach with your mates, do what a 13 year old normally does. enjoy being single and being young. you are too young to be in love anyway. And btw. Don't find love, let love finds you or in the other hand, don't find someone, let that someone comes to you. your beautiful so don't worry about those guys who aren't interested in you. You'll find someone who is much worth it when you reach the age of 18.

    just enjoy life at the moment.

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    don't anything outside your moral base, then you won't regret anything. As for attracting a "nice" guy. From my experience girls don't really want the nice guy, because they don't feel anything for them. You are letting your feelings for those guys cloud your judgement. You will find the right guy the key is to not discount every guy(unless they are straight up all about the sex ) but only far enough so you can see what the guy is really like. you'll gain experience and learn how to do that like every other girl in college. I should know I get rejected by girl's that I am just trying to be friends with after I end up talking to them for months getting to know them. They end up finding the right guy all you have to do is just keep trying. Do whatever it takes to make you happy and don't be afraid to trample a few nice guys along the way that don't fit your ideals for a guy. You'll eventually find the nice guy that makes you happy. There are plenty of us if you look hard enough and we are gullible enough to think that the next girl will be different so we treat every girl we meet with the upmost respect.

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    You're really pretty. I assume you ar ein Junior High. Things in highschool will be better, as boys start to mature. But anyway, acne has nothing to do with it, it is how you present youself. Look for sweet guys with good morals & values. They are the ones who will respect you. And don't sell yourself out so easily. Sex is a special thing that shouldn't be tossed around to get a guy or keep a guy. some guys ARE jerks, but some guys aren't. Just hang in there hun =)

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    FIRST OF ALL YOUR 13!!!!! Your immature and shouldn't be having sex at your age I hope your well educated if you continue your life like this you will A. have a sexual transmitted disease (STD) or B. You will end up pregnant! and if you have sex that young I hope you realize if your old enough to have sex your old enough to raise a child! Stop with the guys and be a teenager! Please don't be a whore b/c thats what your going to be if you keep doing this respect your self!

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    Im a girl okay so listen u r pretty n yes u do need to get your eyebrows done, but the only thing that you need to make yourself more prettier is.............CONFIDENCE!!!! you r a pretty girl but if u dnt believe it, then u r ugly to yourself and others okay. Accept who u r dnt change urself. u will find a boyfriend one day. All of these guys are just tests that will prepare u for the one ur meant to be with okay

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    Maybe it's because you don't speak up for yourself. Plus you act really insecure and guys don't like insecure girls who always talk about about themselves or other people. Even if you had acne, if you had a wonderful personality and you were confident, you would get a boyfriend. And if you feel like something isn't right with the guy, use your head, not your heart!!!

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    YOU have not began to live your life yet, at 13, you should just really beginning to notice the trees in the forest. Don't waste your time worring about 'boys', get your future plans in head. boys will still be here when you are ready to show how 'bright' and level headed you are. At this time you will be able to 'see' a 'player' a mile away. Also, you'll be able to attract what ever 'you' choose to attract!



    I looked at your photo.


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    Okay you are only 13. One you shouldn't be having sex (skank). And two, you shouldn't be worried about getting a boyfriends. Boys mean nothing at 13.

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    you're 13. don't have sex. that's disturbing. I'm pretty sure you haven't had a "true" boyfriend yet, you're way too young. and yes, most guys are immature at that age and aren't looking for a girlfriend.

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