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Any mirena users out there?

Ok so i have been on it for a month now and bleeding ever since day one i heard that you do bleed on it but this is worse than my periods and has been going on for a month now. Has anyone experienced this before, that was on it? Also i couldn't feel my stings but i could feel the mirena and was told as long as i can feel that it is in place. I contacted my DR. and said it was normal.......any help?

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    Okay, irregular bleeding is standard for IUD users for the first six months to a year, after that it should even out and with the Mirena, you may end up having lighter, or no periods over time. As far as feeling the actual IUD goes, that is NOT suppposed to happen, if you think you can actually FEEL your IUD (not the strings, but the plastic part) then you need to go to the doctor soon and use condoms in the meantime because that could mean that the IUD is expelling and you are not protected against pregnancy, so go soon, I don't know what doctor told you it was "normal" to feel the IUD, but if it was YOUR doctor, you need to switch because that is false, you are NOT supposed to feel the plastic part of the IUD>

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