Who knows alot about the Revolutionary War (1775-1783)?

What were the short and long term causes and what sparked the beginning of the war?

Which battles were "turning point" battles?

What strategies did the US and Great Britian use against eachother?

What were the non-treaty results?

What treaty ended the war and on what terms?

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    1 decade ago
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    You can research your homework here:


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    In order:

    short - British taxation and laws (Sugar and Stamp act, etc.)

    long - Wanting freedoms (that's what the new world was colonized as; a place of freedoms) and many wars that America was involved in (Seven Years War, etc.)

    Battle of Saratoga was one of the largest turning points and Yorktown


    British - the ol' walk in comlumns and in straight lines, bayonnets fixed, out number and beat the enemy by force, cavalry in addition for flanking purposes

    US - primative guerilla warfare is the key to know here

    Non-treaty results - ? Dont understand what you're looking for here

    Treaty ended war - Treaty of Paris, America recognized as nation

  • magpie
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    Feisty is right, don't ask someone else to do your homework, but one interesting piece of information was when the British surrendered, Cornwallis said he was too ill to attend so George had the 2nd man in the position to surrender to his 2nd in command.

    Also the American troops played a song called "The world turned upside down" it was a child's tune about horses riding frogs etc. I love the irony there.

    From reading many books, the whole Revolution could have been avoided but for the gut-wrenching arrogance and looking down the nose attitudes of our English cousins .If not for that we might all be singing "God Save the Queen"

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  • 4 years ago

    It grew to become into formally called the conflict of Independence or Independence conflict. yet many human beings would have privately stated it as a revolution, because of the fact it grew to become into certainly a revolution to loose themselves from the acts of tyranny via the Crown and as a rejection of being governed without illustration. It grew to become into the 1st of countless different wars which delivered approximately end liberation of the North and South u.s. from eu rule.

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