What shows feature two-faced liars or double agents?

I'm interested in TV shows, animes, or books with characters playing double agent-like roles.

Some examples are: Naruse Ryo from Maou, Light from Death Note, or LeLouch from Code Geass. Your recommendations do not necessarily have to be Japanese animation/television, but they would be a plus. I'm not looking for multiple personalities, rather, characters that consciously know what they're doing is wrong.


Thanks NA7! I think I'll watch Dexter. It sounds great.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Does the character have to be a "bad guy"?

    Dexter - one of my favorite TV shows; about a serial killer who juggles his "addiction" with his everyday life (works at a police station)

    The Moon's Shadow - a novel about a young man who finds himself the emperor of the largest and arguably most "evil" empire in the history of the known universe, him being something of a nice guy. He has to hide the fact that he shares ancestry with the slaves of this empire and consequently can read minds, and shares some physical differences from the ruling class...one of my favorite books.

    I can't think of any anime to fit your request... those might not be exactly what you're looking for, lol.

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