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Speech difficulty, it's time to get to the bottom of it?

Well it's been about 1 year since I moved and this worsened most of the things.

I'm sure anxiety has something do to with it, but there's something missing out of the equation that I haven't been able to find. So I need your help.

I'm unable to talk or communicate with people (even sometimes closest people) for really more than a couple minutes. It's so hard for me to actually be able to speak...the words are so burried within that when I get the nerve to bring them out they come in an aggravated, scattered and just awckward way.

I'm constantly aggravated because of this. I want to hold conversations but I can't. I feel like if I say something today, I have to make the effort to keep it up the next day, the day after that and so I just don't communicate at all really.

Limited ability of getting my thoughts into words + the constant pissed off feeling that come's with it are the core to my problem. I should be an outgoing person, that's my personality...instead I act like a robot.

ANY good answer is much much appreciated. Thank you

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    If you're 18 or older, try You can go to a club and practice speaking until you feel more comfortable.

    Whether you're 18 or not, you can get counseling. It seems like you might have social anxiety. Medication might help, too. You don't have to struggle with this.

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