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Who came up with the first mathematical equation?

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    It was probably very early Arabic people, during a time when the middle east was still ruled by empires. They were the first to develop algebra, and therefore the first to write math in the form of equations.

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    Funny you should ask- I saw the first written (and preserved) mathematical eqaution- i think it was an equation- this summer.

    I was in Luxor Egypt, and on the walls of one of the temples, is the first known math. It might be a tally of some sort.

    The temple is from around 2500 BCE.

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    Wikipedia says Robert Record in 1557 introduced for the first time the sign =.

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    I don't know who thought of it, but the first equation is really x = x. Seems simple enough but it was really groundbreaking stuff at the time.

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    Probably the first cave man who realized that one rabbit plus one rabbit equalled two rabbits - and that could feed his family.

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    adam and eve

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