What are the late fees in Missouri for paying your personal property tax late? ?

The past 2 years I haven't paid my P.P. Tax on my car. I need to know if anyone in Missouri has had to pay late fees for paying their P.P. Tax late. Thanks!

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    The late payment fee is 7% of the tax due. Interest is also charged at 2% per month with a maximum of 18% for the entire year. If you haven't paid for 2 years, the total on the first unpaid year will be 43% of the tax due and the total for the second year will be 25% of the tax due.

    Source(s): MO resident.
  • Tara
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    5 years ago

    Simple, because State law says you have to. Pretty simple! A significant number of States have personal property taxes. If you haven't had to deal with them previously then you likely paid higher taxes of some other type to make up for it. At least the total tax bite in MO is fairly reasonable. We have some of the lowest gasoline, liquor, and tobacco taxes in the country and an income tax that is in the middle of the range. And real estate taxes are refreshingly low compared to States like TX!

  • 6 years ago

    if i paid the taxes on a house for the 2012 how much do i owe for 2013 and 2014

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