Women asking for "special rights" and "privileges"?

I keep hearing people claim that women who demand gender equality are in fact asking for special treatment. Could someone explain this to me, using specific examples?


What exactly are these special rights an opportunities?

Update 2:

Adams--that doesn't sound like most women at all. I don't think that these women are asking men to drive their cars for them or are refusing to get jobs (rather, they're asking for equal pay, no?)

I don't know where changing a tire fits into gender equality. That just depends on if you know how to do it.

Update 3:

A surgeon should earn more than a janitor, yes.

But should a male surgeon earn more than a female surgeon? Should a male janitor earn more than a female janitor?

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    We want special privileges like equal pay, respect, and free access to birth control, you know, weird things like that.

    EDIT: Hey Mr. Huizen: 98% ain't 100%. It should be the same.

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    Of course it depends on what sector you ar talking about.

    Radical feminists will call for all sorts of things. I don't know - death to all men except stud males??? (Stuffed if I know!)

    At the other extreme, some women will bat their eyelids and say "Giggle, I'm just a dumb blonde and I know nothing.... Brainless giggle"

    Most women want equality.

    Equal pay and benefits for equal work (sadly not even close in "Western society" - and yes this is for the same work NOT including things like maternity leave and differences between part or full time; a man earn $1 and a woman will earn 70c for EXACTLY THE SAME JOB)

    Equal societal choices, benefits and responsibilities which means we are treated equally and we can make our own decisions. Choose our own lives.

  • Feminism was supposed to be about equality. Of course, women have certain unique concerns as the nature of men is different from women. Women's rights activists have done a lot of good work in terms of abortion rights, prevention of sexual assault, domestic violence, human trafficking, the effects of pornography, criticism of eating disorders, breast implants, support for the right to work in any profession, etc.

    But some people will never be satisfied in life, male or female. Equality means ditching the victim routine and means taking personal responsibility. Not 'all men', 'all government' and 'all of society' do things to you even if there is unfairness. You want to drive a car. That is fine. Pay for it yourself, get the lessons, pass the test and drive it yourself. No more chivalry. You have to jack up the tire and change a flat yourself. If you don't have the brains to have a spare tire (reminds me I need one) then I guess if you can't jack it up and change the spare that is not someone else's fault, no? And ain't nobody gonna drive you in the middle of the night unless it's being fixed or it's an emergency...in other words you can't have your cake and eat it, too. As in want more money, get a job...not making enough, ask for a promotion, switch companies or get an education. The men will not save you. You are not a damsel in distress. The Victorian Age is over.

    Source(s): The car and driving are metaphors for personal responsibility in life, as in, DIY on depend on others. And yes, A LOT of women have trouble with this. Maybe not most but a significant minority who don't get it and expect men to come running.
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    Here's an example. The average male surgeon performs more operations per year than the average female surgeon. On the surface that seems unfair and feminists use that example.

    However, when you find out that the average male surgeon performs 15-20% more surgeries, a reasonable person would recognize that he earns more money. But, feminists expect the woman to STILL make the same, even though she did less work. That's feminism at work.

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    In many cases, gender equality has become a "a demand for special treatment." Equality becomes a problem when it's interpreted in terms of outcomes rather than opportunity. As an example, at least two departments at a university in my city were told by the administration that they needed to hire more females. 80%+ of the job applicants were male and it ultimately resulted in certain highly qualified male applicants being illegally denied employment based on the their "plumbing." Equal - yes. Fair - no.

    Now of course, there are all sorts of reasons/arguments feminists give to justify hiring based on gender vs. merit. Nonetheless, what it all boils down to in the end is "special treatment."

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    Women, per se, are not asking for special rights, privileges, opportunities nor outcomes. They are asking for fairness, which is entirely reasonable and supported by just about every rational person.

    Modern Feminists are asking for (and acquiring) special rights, treatment, privileges, opportunities, outcomes and so forth.

    Modern Feminists do NOT represent the majority of women, nor the interests of ordinary women. Modern Feminists' interests represent only their own.

    Examples would include advancement of legislation like VAWA on an international level which leads to severe international anti-male law enforcement, artificial advancement of underqualified personnel into positions for which they're not fit, limited rights for men with respect to child custody, extreme disparity with regard to asset allocation to the detriment to men in the vast majority of cases, special opportunities to decisions pertaining to the demise of the father's unborn child, equal pay for working less hours, equal pay for professions where performance metrics confirm that one is not contributing equally, etc. These are largely Marxist practices and stand in contradistinction to democratic/capitalistic ideals. A surgeon, for example, should earn more than a high school janitor because the surgeon is arguably more important to society. This concept is critical to understanding why the term equality is not synonymous with justice nor fairness. Equality in this context represents a trend toward socialism & communism.

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    No it used to be bad for women. If you are talking about women's centers, they are there for women who have been raped and are pregnant and un able to have a baby for whatever reason. Men don't usually get raped or pregnant.

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    1 decade ago

    They want special rights, women want 'equal pay' but if you adjust for every factor women actually earn 98% of what men earn, yet feminists, the spoilt brats that they are, continue to claim men earn more for the same jobs:


    On top of that, feminists continaully oppose father's rights activists who simply want equal parenting. They don't have any argument for the fact that fathers who have been proven beyond doubt to be reliable parents deserve automatic rights to a child as well.

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    See above.

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    Bigots always play a "special rights" card. Look at this image. Who is attacking WHO and what were those "special rights"? The right to eat at a lunch counter with Whites.


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