Find the dose equivalent of the following radiation exposures:?

a.) 2mGy of photons (whole body exposure). Is this more or less effective dose than you might receive from an average chest x-ray?

b.)10 mGy of neutrons produced by the D-T reaction (whole body exposure)

how do i answer this question? Any help please?

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    Dose is energy imparted per mass... rads, Gys.

    However, even if two different types radiation give the same dose, the they damage DNA differently. 2 rads of alphas are more damaging than 2 rads of betas, because the alphas will usually break both DNA strands and betas will cause one strand breaks. Double strand breaks harder for the cells to repair accurately compared to single strand.

    To correct for this they came up with the dose equivalent.


    but the RBE is also dependent on tissue type as well as radiation. For quick calculations the quality factor, Q, is use as an approx. So,


    You need to find the quality factors of the radiation types in (a) and (b). HINT: The Q of the neutron is dependent on the energy of the neutron.... ie look up that reaction.

    Source(s): Nuclear Engineer.
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