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WoW question concerning patch updates?

Recently, when I open up my World of Warcraft shortcut, it tells me that "Data for the next patch is available. Download will start after you exit World of Warcraft." It has been saying this for a couple of weeks now, but I can still play the game just fine. What does this mean?

Also, I think the patch I currently have is v2.4.3.8606

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    When blizzard comes out with a patch, they do that so you don't have to wait to download the patch before you play on the day they install it on their servers. There have been at least two patches in the past couple of weeks. Just let it be. If you get to a point where a patch is installed on the server and you don't have it, it is usually only a couple of minutes to download to play anyway.

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    It means the pre-wotlk content update is coming soon. Expect it to be version 3.#, and expect it to be coming out pretty soon.

    The official public test realms are up, you can mess around with the WOTLK talents there if you want.

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