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Secular liberals, why do you sympathize with Islam?

This seems a huge contradiction from a philosophy that is supposed to derive its goals of life from human need and interest rather than from theological abstractions.


I'm no christian or conservative, but I fail to see how relatively benign Christians are more of a threat today than Muslims who wish to impose Sharia [Islamic religious law] on all aspects of life. Visit London lately?

Update 2:

To Joseph T

According to your logic then Nazism wasn't the enemy, but rather the violent fanatics that perverted true Nazism and used it in their terroristic activities.

Update 3:

To Father Kreepy

So superstitious Christians who want to teach creationism in schools are the major threat, not the "minority" of Muslims that wan't you dead.

Update 4:

The vast majority of Christians don't have the capacity or the resolve to dismantle the sciences in our schools, however that "minority" as you refer to them have the resolve to fly jumbo jets into buildings.

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    Their sympathy with radical Islam stems not from an adherence to their ideologies but is ingrained in an innate fear. Those of the secular left are patent cowards who believe in a philosophy of pacifism, subserviance and adherence to no belief. Their Utopian delusion stems from an inability to commit to anything but that which is non-committal. The irony of their surrenderist mentality is that if they were ever placed under Sharia rule they would be in fact the first to be beheaded and displayed for all to see.

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    I'm no liberal, but I am secular. I don't sympathize with Islam, it's a religion. I sympathize with others who feel a certain religion is being legislated around. I think that if a government of a free society should not promote any faith. That's secularism to me. Individuals can practice their faiths privately, in a chruch, or home but not on a public service forum. It doesn't belong. So when Islam starts getting laws passed based off it's religious doctrine then I'll stand up and demonize it as well.

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    Islam is not the enemy.

    It's the violent extremists who have perverted the religion and used it in their terroristic activities that is the enemy.

    Simple as that. If you cannot comprehend it, you better hope there's a time machine that will take you to 1942 Germany.

    PS: I dont live in London, but if there those who wants to impose Sharia laws in your land, your government should impose/assert the true laws and prevent those responsible from carrying over these illegal activities. Afterall, England is still a country, right? Simply put, these are extremism/treason since they dont respect UK laws anymore.

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    Because Christians want to destroy our systems of Higher Education by removing Scientific Curriculum that relate to biology (Evolution) and Physics (The Big Bang), while Muslims don not want to dismantle our educational system (Lots of Muslim Students in the Medical Sciences and Physical Sciences).

    See the VAST MAJORITY of Christians want to dismantle the Sciences and the vast MINORITY of Muslims want to impose Sharia on other.

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    I am a liberal and an atheist. I do sympathize with every religion in respect the holy books that I think pass the human imagination beyond.

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    I don't anymore than I understand or sympathize with Christianity. They're two sides of the same coin to me. I'm very liberal. As George Carlin said "Though shalt keep thy religion to thyself". Now that I can tolerate.

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    Why sympathize with christianity ? It has it's dark ages . For 500 years that is. Well, republicans are still there

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    Because Muslims aren't knocking on our doors insisting that we join their religion like the Christians are.

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    I'm not secular.. but It would seem to me that we strive for a free world where people can believe what they want, even if it's different than us.

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    The radical muslims are our sworn enemy. They want to kill us. They have over 300 million supporters. We can not lose this fight. You won't like it if we do.

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