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Story writing copyright law?

I'm writing a story, and i was wondering if it goes against any copyright law to use real Companies ex. starbucks

another thing is if i chose to use an actor, could i use their name. not use the actor themselves in the story but as a reference. as well as movies.


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    Not at all. Many novels use real places to ground their fiction. I wouldn't disparage the company, just to avoid a defamation lawsuit, but you can certainly have two characters meet at a Starbuck's, or your heroine shopping in Walmart, or whatever.

    Source(s): My first novel, Freezer Burn, is being published by Echelon Press.
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    i think there is for using Company's because essentially you would be receiving money by using thier trademarked names, you could possibly get the company's permission, but your best bet is to make up your own company

    i'm not sure about the actor thing though

    maybe you could ask someone who is a publishing agent if you know one, or a copywright lawyer I hope my answer helps you and good luck in writing your story i hope it goes well for you

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