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What would you recommend using to masterbate.

I don't think it feels that great.

It doesn't work for me when I fantasize or anything.

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    Alot of people cannot masturbate and achieve satisfaction. You maybe trying to hard or thinking about it too much. If it doesnt feel great that is fine. However, try it with a partner to see if that helps. If masturbation isnt your thing, it just isnt and nothing is wrong with that. In fact be happy. I do it probably everyday. If you really need to stimulate yourself try its also a free site no viruses or anything either.

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    Unlike most other females I don't use toys when I am masterbating. i simply rub on my clitoris (often pretending that my boyfriend is giving me oral sex) until it swells and I have an orgasm. Toys are fine for some, but I am all about the clitoris. Of course this takes a while to master it(LOL) but once you do I promise you'll enjoy it. Try some porn if you like sometimes people are better at actually seeing other people do it, that will also help you fantasize better. Try Redtube. com it's a Great site. and FREE.

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    Why don't you come over, show me what you're doing and I'll give you some pointers. lol

    There are so many things that you can use to help. Toys is one. Visual is another, i.e. pics of naked guys or gals. Movies of people 'in the act'.

    Besides, if you don't think it feels that great, why not find a partner to help with satisfaction?

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    The Romans called it "The left handed whore".

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    Find yr Gspot & hope u like it

  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwww poor you?! do it with a person fealss much bettah!!

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