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Why do I get redirected to an ad site everytime I clink a link?

My computer has been acting up bad lately and now when I turn it on it tells me to load from a setup or regular windows instead of going there automatically. In addition, my internet is incredibly slow and everytime I clink a link I get an ad popup. Finally none of my spyware programs are picking it up or even updating because my internet is being blocked. I know it's a virus or a trojan is there any way to fix it without a complete reinstall?

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    Looks like your computer is infected with malware.

    To remove it, get Microsoft Windows Defender (free download) or Webroot Spysweeper and let them check your computer. From then on, get a good protection package like norton antivirus 2008 or 2009. Keep your antivirus/anti-malware up to date as well as Windows via Windows update.

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